Seats to the Games

Whether you've been to a lot of games or this is your first, College tickets are a lot of fun.

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Some Great Athletes

See some of the best athletes at a young age before the go to the next level.

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Big Names in Collge

See the biggest stadiums from the biggest teams in college sports.

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College football tickets are one of the biggest selling items in the sports world. With a lot of the excitement that professional football carries, but with even more strategy and athleticism involved, college football is even more popular in some parts of the United States than the NFL is. If you’ve never gone to see your favorite team, what’s stopping you? As the season gets ready to begin, here are the things you need to know if you’re a college football fan looking for tickets.

Going to a Game

College football games aren’t quite like pro football games. For one, the fans tend to be younger because a lot of them are college students. This isn’t always the case, though. A lot of alumni also come to the games, especially for special weekends or the bigger bowl games. Second of all, games are often much more intense. College football games have a unique atmosphere, and regardless of your age or where you went to school, these are always a lot of fun to be at. You already like watching the games on television, right? So why not experience the excitement in an even better way? Being live at the game is something that you can’t ever recreate in the home, no matter how cool your mancave is or which friends you have over. Turmoil at Florida

The Biggest Teams

Michigan WolverinesThe big teams, like the Alabama Crimson Tides, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, or the Florida Gators tend to have the largest followings and getting tickets to these games are sometimes a bit harder to do. But when it comes down to it, these teams are popular for a good reason. They have great track histories of success, and they are almost always ranked in the top ten in the nation. Sure, sometimes the biggest teams have off years, but thanks to a strong history and a stellar reputation, the top teams keep getting great recruits and off years are few and far between. Success breeds more success when it comes to college football.

That doesn’t mean that less popular teams don’t have great potential or that their games are any less exciting. That’s part of the beauty of Division I football. Even an underdog can build a great team and upset the favorites. What it comes down to is good recruiting, excellent coaching, and strong talent from the athletes themselves. So if your team isn’t a top five ranked team, don’t worry. There’s always a chance that they could be.

The Biggest Crowds

It shouldn’t be a surprise that some games have bigger crowds than others. You might not know this, but college football stadiums tend to have larger maximum capacities than NFL stadiums do. MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and the New York Jets, has a max capacity of 82,566, making it the largest stadium in the NFL on a regular basis. In the world of college football, this is actually pretty average. Michigan Stadium, home to the Wolverines, can hold over 107,000 people. Even AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, can only hold as much as 105,000, and that’s when modifications have been made for special events. Normal games only hold 80,000 fans. Going to a big college football game means bigger, more intense crowds. It also means that tickets are easier to get. But do remember that the people that had those stadiums built wouldn’t have made so many seats if they didn’t think they could be filled. Tickets to the biggest games almost always sell out. You have to jump on it early.

The Best Athletes

Unlike professional baseball and basketball, the NFL has rules about who can declare themselves eligible to become a professional football player. For this reason, we often see professional level talent playing college football. This makes going to a college game even more exciting. You will get a chance to see the next big NFL player, but before they are pro. That’s a once in a lifetime chance, often. Imagine seeing a Peyton Manning before he threw his first pass as a professional quarterback. You would be way ahead of the game. Imagine seeing a Jerry Rice making a touchdown catch before he laced up his cleats for money. That’s what college football holds for fans. The athletes are young, usually 21 or below, and they are not getting paid for playing. Sure, they have scholarships so they can go to school, but they are not making money off of football. The NCAA will not allow this. Despite all of that, many of the top collegiate athletes are just as good, or soon will be just as good, as some of the best that have ever played in the NFL. Getting to see that in the intimacy of a live game is an amazing experience. You owe it to yourself to go see your favorite team if you never have.