Atlantic Coast Preview

The Atlantic Coast Conference has some of the biggest names in college football in it, and if you are going to be placing bets on any football games this year or playing daily fantasy college football, then it’s one of those conferences that you need to be paying attention to. And while you’re looking at the teams, remember that going to see a game when your team is playing at home is always way more fun than watching it on television.

Top Team in the ACC

There’s no doubt in the world that Clemson is the team to beat this year. Ranked at number two in the country, right behind Alabama, Clemson has a ton of momentum on their side. The best thing that Clemson has going for them when it comes to going to the playoffs is that their schedule is incredibly weak in comparison to almost every single team out there. The only currently ranked team that they are scheduled to play this season is Florida State, who comes in at #14. And with Deshaun Watson, arguably the best QB in all of college football right now, coming back this season, the Tigers look like they are a shoe-in for the playoffs again. Going against them could be dangerous. They’re also going to be a ton of fun to watch this year, which is an added bonus. Turmoil at Florida

Teams to Watch

You will want to watch Clemson. Let’s just put that out of the way up front. They are going to win a lot and they are going to win big. Other than them, though, there are a few teams that have some up and coming potential. The Florida State Seminoles have a strong team going into the season. They might not be a top ten team nationally, but other than Clemson, they are the team to beat in the conference. Also, keep an eye on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. They had an awful 2015 season, and many people have written them off as a result of this. But that’s precisely why you should look to them. Last season, they were young and had a lot of problems with injuries. This year, they have experience and a far more solid team. There’s really only one way they can go. They might not be Bowl worthy yet, but they will win more than last year. They had 3 wins last year; they should at least double that this year.

Teams to Stay Away From

Some pundits are saying that the Boston College Eagles might not win a single conference game this year. That’s what happened last year, and it could possibly happen again. Let’s say they surprise people and win one or two. That’s still not the kind of odds you want to see from a team. We think they have the potential to pull out a win here or there, but that doesn’t mean you should be betting your savings on them. Be careful.

Another team to watch out for is Syracuse. The Orangemen have a great basketball team, and that’s where the school pours its money. Their football team is decent, but it always seems like a crap shoot on what they will do. The school doesn’t place enough priority here to give them the support and stability they need to be a contender. In the end, they end up getting second class recruits. Once in a while they get lucky, but that’s not going to win games with consistency. Enough said.