College football games are some of the most exciting events that sports in general have to offer. Whether your home team is one of the giants of the NCAA like Florida, Nebraska or Alabama, or if they are a smaller team like Syracuse or WVU, games are intense and they are a lot of fun to go to. Basically, the games breakdown into two main categories: the regular season and the Bowl Games. Unlike professional sports, the NCAA football season culminates in many different types of championships, ultimately going to the College Football Playoffs where a national champion is crowned. The Bowl Games, and a Bowl Championship Series, had been around for a long time, but the playoff is a newer development. Really, it just makes the games more exciting, especially if your team has a chance for the National Title.

Regular Season

The regular season is where it all starts. In Division I college football, tickets to your favorite team’s home games are hot items. A lot of the time, the stands are filled with college students, but you don’t need to be a current student to go. Not by any means! In fact, alumni often go to games, as do general fans of the sport. That’s part of the beauty of DI sports; tickets to the games are accessible to all sports fans, and they are a very different atmosphere than the NFL games that you might have been to in the past. College football games are bigger thanks to the larger stadiums, they are more unpredictable, thanks to the youth of the athletes, and they are far more exciting, thanks to the electric atmosphere that an intense crowd can create. As it gets closer to the post season, and as your team gets closer and closer to making the Bowl Games, this atmosphere gets even more exciting. It’s something that no other sport or setting can reproduce. Turmoil at Florida.

Bowl Games

Make it to a Bowl GameWhen the regular season ends, the action gets pumped up a few levels. The normally intense atmosphere becomes almost pandemonium. If you’ve never been to a Bowl Game, this is your chance to be a part of the action. Maybe you’ve seen something like the Rose Bowl on TV. With tens of thousands of screaming fans in the stands, watching the game from the comfort of your home is fun, but being in the crowd is even better. Rather than sitting on the couch with some friends, you can be in the bleachers, seeing your favorite athletes performing live. It’s a unique feel, one that even pro football cannot duplicate. Tickets to these games almost always sell out, and finding them can be tough, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find them. Plenty of ticket resell sites carry them, giving even casual fans a chance to experience the excitement.

College Football Playoffs

In 2014, the BCS was discontinued, and a playoff system came into effect. So far, it has met with great success. It’s a three game system of determining a true National Champion. The first two games see four teams faceoff, and in a single elimination format, the winners of those two teams meet for the championship. It’s far from a perfect system, of course, but in a league where there are almost a hundred major contenders, using a poll system to figure this out is far more expeditious than having a long system of championships and playoffs. If you’re favorite team makes the playoffs, it makes going to the games even more exciting. Whether you travel across the country to see them, or they’re playing in your town, these games are perhaps the most exciting football games that will be played on any level.