Turmoil at Florida

When a borderline star like Treon Harris moves from quarterback to wide receiver, a lot of people get surprised. What these people fail to take into account is that this is partly what college football is for. College football is about solidifying the fundamentals and getting ready for the NFL. Only a tiny fraction of football stars at the NCAA level will ever see significant playing time in the pros, and oftentimes it is because of undeveloped skills. This reasoning is why Florida’s move should not be a surprise to anyone.

There’s also the team factors that need to be considered. Harris spent a lot of time at QB over the last two seasons, but Florida head coach Jim McElwain has commented that it is going to be more advantageous to the team to move him to WR. Florida has struggled lately, and they need to make moves that will help them to win games. If this is that move, then it’s a good one.…

Atlantic Coast Preview

The Atlantic Coast Conference has some of the biggest names in college football in it, and if you are going to be placing bets on any football games this year or playing daily fantasy college football, then it’s one of those conferences that you need to be paying attention to. And while you’re looking at the teams, remember that going to see a game when your team is playing at home is always way more fun than watching it on television.

Top Team in the ACC

There’s no doubt in the world that Clemson is the team to beat this year. Ranked at number two in the country, right behind Alabama, Clemson has a ton of momentum on their side. The best thing that Clemson has going for them when it comes to going to the playoffs is that their schedule is incredibly weak in comparison to almost every single team out there.…

Looking at a 2016 SEC Preview

The SEC is one of the most successful conferences in all of college football, and the 2016 season promises to keep that reputation going. And while it’s still pretty early to make any kind of solid predictions about what’s going to happen this coming season, looking ahead is never a bad idea, especially if you are planning on placing some wagers or playing fantasy college football.

As you start thinking about these things, take a look at our preview. This will help you in forming your own, more educated, opinions.…